@d0n @magnus919 @simon I would love to see this! I’m not real happy with the other fediverse photo sharing apps, it’d be great to see Flickr take the lead

Increasing user satisfaction: 6 eng-hours
Product research: 14 eng-hours
Pushing useless interaction KPIs higher through "by the way" prompts: 2,200 eng-hours
Bug fixes: 7 eng-hours
New features: 30 eng-hours

Someone who is good at product management please help, my voice assistant division is losing billions of dollars a year

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Can't wait to see what Tumblr's implementation will look like if they do actually implement ActivityPub, given the truly bonkers bugs on the platform.

Let me toot at no notes ghost, cowards

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It's worth noting that Owncast does this really well. The docs clearly detail what enabling ActivityPub will do, in both directions owncast.online/docs/social/

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I like the concept behind apps interacting with each other via ActivityPub, but its execution is pretty hit or miss.

For example: I can make an account on a Pixelfed server and post photos, and I can follow it with a Mastodon account, and the photos will show up on my timeline. Neat!

But, I can't go the opposite way. Replies/faves/posts from Mastodon don't make it to Pixelfed. Seems like it might be a bug: github.com/pixelfed/pixelfed/i

No clear answer in the docs: docs.pixelfed.org/technical-do

"furlongs per pint" sounds like total nonsense but it's exactly the same as miles per gallon

so you can literally just substitute it in

Cold weather biking tip: if your brake levers are metal, wrap them in a layer of gaffer’s tape. It helps reduce cold touch points, without having to buy carbon. Helps more than you’d think!

Via Guitar Ted g-tedproductions.blogspot.com/

Hey I've been hearing a lot about ActivityPub could someone please tell me how it works?!?!?!?! THANKS!

@collinsworth I’ve been deleting/archiving my tweets to a private database for a while now, and yeah those old tweets do not need to see the light of day.

Wrote about it a bit at steele.blue/blumhouse/

@matt gonna try this again next week, an hour at threshold isn’t compatible with a fever!

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@deafferret @matt Twitch did have that source code leak a few years back, so no better time to open a PR

Want to see more of the Fediverse beyond Mastodon?

I just enabled ActivityPub integration on my server - you can follow it like any Mastodon account, and be notified when I go live: @matt

I've been using a webhook to post when I go live, but this is a way cleaner integration, so I'll likely shut it off soon.

Zwift racing tomorrow, come watch me suffer!


Brief book review: Ella Minnow Pea

This was a fun little novel! It's set on an island founded by the inventor of the phrase "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog", which is embossed onto tiles in the town square.

As the glue starts to give out under the tiles, the town's council believe it to be a sign, and outlaw use of the letters that fall.

It's an epistolary book, so as more letters are outlawed, the author has to stop using them, down to only 5 by the end!

@scottredd Side dishes are where it's at anyhow!

I wanna know about your mac & cheeze, I like Modern Love's take on it, but haven't found a great way to make it at home.

Incidentally: I have a tub of aquafaba in the fridge, but no ideas other than merengues. Any suggestions?

Headlines like “Will this new Mastodon thing survive?” are funny when you’ve been on here for 5+ years

the first rule of No Doubt Club is don’t speak

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