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A place for the cult of Carhenge. No Nazis.

Code of conduct

Hard rules

Rules that, if you break them, will get you kicked off of carhenge.camp immediately:

  • Do not advocate for MAGA, Nazis, or other fascist movements, nor for their leaders such as Donald Trump (the "Ravelry Rule")
  • Do not target people with unwelcome sexual images or post them in an off-topic or inappropriate context
  • No "revenge porn"
  • Do not contact people who have requested that you stop contacting them
  • Do not "out" any aspect of a person's identity (such as their sexual orientation) without their consent except as necessary to protect vulnerable people from intentional abuse
  • Do not deliberately intimidate people
  • No stalking
  • No threats of violence
  • Do not use any slur for someone's race, sexual orientation, or similar (even in an ironic way) or corresponding stereotypes
  • Do not deliberately misgender or use a "dead" or rejected name for someone
  • You have more latitude in what you say about public figures and policy-makers than you do about private individuals. Digging into the history of a politician is OK, as long as you stick to the public record. Digging into the history of a private person quickly becomes not OK.

Soft rules

A place to list our community norms once we form them!


The data you post here lives on a server that John Skiles Skinner runs. He/they promises that he won't look at your private data. You are just going to have to trust him on this.

This is a federated system, meaning that other people on other federated servers can find you and send you messages. Information you put in posts may be copied to other servers.